South Florida’s loss could be Central Florida’s gain as redistricting process begins

Florida legislators will formally launch their reapportionment efforts armed with the Census data that gives Florida one new congressional district and promises to upset legislative and congressional boundaries from Miami to St. Petersburg. The biggest changes will be felt in Central Florida, but redistricting is likely to exacerbate already festering political, geographic, racial and ethnic divides.

Legislators remain silent about repairing Florida’s tarnished redistricting process

Florida legislators faced new obstacles this redistricting cycle: a compressed schedule because of a delay in the census process and restoring public trust after a court’s conclusion that the last process was secretly and illegally “hijacked” by Republican political operatives 10 years ago. But despite the hurdles, Florida GOP leaders held no public hearings, gave no media interviews and wouldn't respond to requests from voters’ groups that they conduct a transparent process.

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